Data Analysis

Cloud Techno Partner Canada offers cost effective business intelligence solutions to boost our clients ROI. Our data analysts are expert in managing data and converting them into useful insights. We work in financial, marketing, sales, communications, and research data.

Our services range from Google Analytics installations to Big Data analytics projects. We have helped many clients find solutions to complex business problems through advance statistical methods, our insights are meaningful presentations from the heaps of data we have collected.

Benefit from our design studio’s creative animated data videos telling the most engaging stories.

Data Analysis Insights

  • Who are your best customers?
  • Which of the digital marketing channel is the most effective to produce leads?
  • Which trends affect my companies product or services sales?
  • What search engine keywords will be important to my company in the future?
  • What is my competition performance in specific areas?

Unleash the power of Big Data and data visualisation.
CTP offers advanced data analysis services for Oil and Gas industry

Oil companies can now capture more detailed data in real time economically from previously inaccessible areas, to improve oilfield and plant performance. Like they can utilize the skills of our analyst to pair real-time down-hole drilling data with production data of nearby wells to develop drilling strategy.

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