Valuable, relevant, engaging content should be at the core of your marketing mix to derive profitable customer action.

CTP has rich experience in managing diverse portfolios through new mobile and digital channels, ranging from PCs to tablets to smart phones to ebook Readers.

Discuss > Design>Develop>Digitally Promote Effective Content which is consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they will ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.

All form of marketing strategies require relevant content be it

  • Social media marketing: Content marketing strategy comes before.
  • SEO: Search engines reward websites that publish quality, consistent content.
  • PR: Successful PR strategies address issues readers care about, not their business.
  • PPC: you need great content for PPC to work.
  • Inbound marketing: Content is important to driving inbound traffic and leads
  • Email Marketing: Our breadth of experience in content management spans eBooks, Power Point Presentations, Videos, review writing, brochure sites, online catalogues, mini marketing sites to user friendly applications.
    Increase your ROI with our customized
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid advertisement
  • Media Placement